Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Scotia Rewards® program work?

What can I redeem Scotia Rewards® points for?

Is there a cost to join the Scotia Rewards® Program?

Do my Scotia Rewards® points expire?

Why should I register my Scotia Rewards® Account online?

How do I register my Program Card1 for online access to Scotia Rewards®?

How do I login to Scotia Rewards®?

How do I redeem my Scotia Rewards® points online?

Can my additional cardholder redeem Scotia Rewards® points on my Scotiabank Program Card1?

How can I try to earn Scotia Rewards® points faster?

Can I combine Scotia Rewards® points with another points program?

Can I combine Scotia Rewards® points between accounts?

Do Co-Borrowers and/or Supplementary cardholders earn Scotia Rewards® points?

How often are Scotia Rewards® points posted to my Account?

Where can I find my most current Scotia Rewards® points balance?

What happens to my Scotia Rewards® points if I switch to another Scotiabank Credit Card that also earns Scotia Rewards® points?


How do I redeem merchandise on Scotia Rewards®?

How can I check the status of my order?

Can I cancel an item that I ordered?

What is the difference between redeeming from the “More Merchandise” section and redeeming from the Apple and Best Buy catalogues?

How do I initiate the return or replacement process for a Scotia Rewards® item that has been delivered?

Are any merchandise items non-refundable?

What do I do if an item I ordered is damaged or is missing pieces?

How long does it take for Merchandise, Gift Cards and Charity Rewards to be delivered?

What happens if an item I ordered is discontinued out of stock or backordered?

How can I redeem my Scotia Rewards® points for a statement credit?

How many points do I need to redeem Scotia Rewards® Points for Credit?

If I would like to redeem for multiple tiers of Scotia Rewards® Points for Credit, how can I do it?

What are the various denominations of charitable gift cards available to me?


What are my delivery options for the Best Buy catalogue?

How long do I have to retrieve my item(s) that I have reserved for Pick Up?

What happens if I cannot go to the Best Buy Store to retrieve my reserved item within 24 hours?

How many days do I have to replace a Best Buy item once I receive shipment?


Can I redeem my Scotia Rewards® points and/or use a cash top-up on my Program Card1 to purchase AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare?

What do I do if I am having technical issues with my new Apple product?

How do I return an Apple product?

How quickly can I expect to receive my Apple item after I order it through the catalogue?


How flexible are the travel reward options?

How can I book through Scotia Rewards® Travel Service?

What are the telephone operating hours for Scotia Rewards® Travel Service?

What are some of the benefits of booking travel through Scotia Rewards® Travel Service?

When can I take advantage of Best Price Guarantee on Airfare booked through Scotia Rewards® Travel Service?

How do I submit a Best Price Guarantee claim?

Can I take advantage of the Concierge Service?

How do I redeem points for travel I booked outside of the Scotia Rewards® Travel Service?

Is travel insurance covered when I book a trip?

Where can I go to find more details on insurance coverage and claims?

Are there any booking fees when I book travel?

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